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Research Areas focus on the Crypto Age (theory, product and tech).

Build on Mirror!


Social Capital, Individual Value Network, Web3

How about Your Future? Join and Explore with us.

Mission: Metaverse prototype for Community.

Textverse is Public goods for Community. It is a prototype of Metaverse for Community to Explore something interesting. Providing to plain users to join and play in a very Easy Mode: just Typing on any screen. Mint NFTs to help players to own their value and assets in Web3. Build relations with the DAOs by Tokens Exchange Stake, they are all the stake-holders of us. Textverse can help any communities,DAOs extend their story within a Text Metaverse. Also, we build a series of tools and smart contracts to solve the engineering problems. So the communities can focus on the Creative and Imaginations on their Metaverse. Cornerstone of the Web3.

Vision: Everyone Jump into Metaverse.

We are Textverse, build Web3 Infrastructure, A Text Metaverse Engine Category Primitives. We build Public Goods for Web3 with Interoperability and Composability. Textverse has three parts: Open NFT Transfer Protocol with series of Smart contract, maintained by the Protocol DAO. Text Metaverse Engine with Web3 TID for any communities, free to use, maintained by the real company. DAO2DAO service mode(D2D,we create this first?) with ReGenEconomics is our long time service.

Value: Literal Words have Powers.

Literal is the natural ability and basic and essence of the Human Civilization. We have Colorful world, good music, and pretty or handsome Stars. But we still need, the Power of Text, or Literal Writing, the instinct of Express and Communication. So our value is Release the Natural Ability to Create. Be the basement of the Metaverse Creation and Innovation.